Educational Support

Our work in Educational support focuses on creating platforms to improve the quality of education in Africa and increase access to quality education by school age child marginalized by poverty. As a foundation, we focus the bulk of our efforts on interventions, educational support for individuals, and schools because we strongly believe that education is one major tool that has the power to change the current economic condition of Africa.

Our focus on education will ensure that all those in need are empowered with basic knowledge and skills required to achieve success in their own lives.

Our approach to educational support includes:

  • Skill Development Training In Schools
  • Provision Of Educational Learning Aids In Vocational And Formal Schools
  • Establishment Of Libraries
  • Award Of Research Grants In The Field Of Education
  • Partnerships With Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Scholarships

To apply for a grant towards a research project or any other education related program in line with the Foundations goals, send an email with details of the project to [email protected] or [email protected]  To learn more about our scholarship programs and to apply for scholarships and financial aid

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