Our Work as a Foundation is

focused on the development of Africa through Education and the development of sustainable support systems for individuals, organizations and communities

Our Programs

Educational Support

We believe education has a major role in achieving our mission in creating a better life for humanity. Our work in education focuses on creating platforms to help people from poor homes access quality education.


Social Welfare Initiatives

Our work in social welfare focuses a great deal of children marginalized by disabilities. We believe every child has the right to a high quality of life irrespective of physical or mental disabilities.


Youth Leadership

We believe every youth is an integral part of the future of the African continent and our work in youth development is focused on designing and supporting programs that would contribute to the development well rounded youth leaders.


Kingdom Promotion

All our work as a Foundation is centered around promoting the gospel and message of Christ to the world. Our work in Kingdom promotion supports organizations and projects with the same goal


Health Intervention

Our strategy for health intervention is integrated in our educational support initiatives where we give grants to individuals carrying out research in eradication of diseases, campaign for safer health practices within communities and create a platform of support for those with life threatening health issues.


“When you live life for yourself, you don’t go up. But when you live for the benefit of others, nothing stops you from going up.”

-David Oyedepo

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