Social Welfare Initiatives

Our work in social welfare focuses on leveling the playing field especially for children who have been marginalized by disabilities or have been subject to adverse social and economic conditions as a result of civil unrest. We support individual projects and organizations that are dedicating their resources to solving the problems of children who live in orphanages, juvenile facilities, etc.

Our strategies focus on creating suitable and sustainable living conditions for the children and creating scholarship and financial aid platforms that would grant them easy access to quality education.  Counseling, infrastructural, IT and vocational training support are provided in partnership with other organizations that work alongside in providing support to our adopted homes.


In partnership with organizations who provide care and support to the children who are our target focus, the Foundation runs an ‘Adoption’ system of partnership. We as foundation believe in consistency of support especially with regards to the social welfare impact projects and programs. Hence, the Adoption support program provides a continuous monthly support to the organizations we are in partnership with. At this time the Foundation runs the Adoption support program with 7 organizations within Lagos and Ogun State and is on a constant look out for similar organizations to work with.

Our social welfare program is more than just a charity, it’s a system of continuous support for children all over the world. To nominate a home for adoption support, kindly click the button below.

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